One of the most important things for a video game designer is to observe and analyze how people play video games.

During the last fifteen years I have been helping to develop a wide variety of games, with different target audiences and scopes. But my objective hasn’t changed in all this time: being part of a team that shares the same vision and strives to create the best possible video game no matter the obstacles we find during the process.

I’m not only focused on creating good levels or missions. I also want them to be as accessible as possible. I want to make games that are challenging for experienced gamers but enjoyable for new players too, removing frustration and helping them to master the game as fast as possible.

Video games are one of the greatest forms of entertainment these days and I want everybody to be able to enjoy this wonderful experience.

My Goal

Collaborate with a team of Game Developers, to create high quality videogames that capture the attention of a worldwide audience. Challenge players with innovative gameplay and exciting situations in order to create an unforgettable interactive experience. Help to build the strength of the team by fostering an environment of support and good morale that will maintain itself throughout the challenges of the development cycle.


  • Assignments
  • Technical Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Personal
  • Education
  • Media
  • Resume
  • Participated on the conception and pitch stages of different videogames.

    Created detailed documentation about missions and levels.

    Wrote games’ plots, dialogue and characters’ progression.

    Created 2D and 3D layout using different tools. (Photoshop, 3DSMax, etc.)

    Created fast prototypes to test new gameplay & mechanics.

    Scripted events and gameplay logic, set up gameplay cameras, npcs placement, tuned combat, wrote dialog, setup checkpoints, and created gameplay tutorials using proprietary toolset.

    Collaborated with different departments, coordinating and requesting the necessary resources to achieve the expected quality within the given time.

    Participated in the recruitment of new team members, reviewing CVs, interviewing and assessing candidates.

    Participated in employees performance evaluations.

    Supported and coached Junior Designers offering technical support or inspire them with new ideas.

    Responsible for the production of outsourced material such as music and voice recording.

  • Anvil Editor
    Hammer Editor
    Gamesalad, Unity3D

    Adobe Photoshop
    3DSMax, Maya
    Perforce, SourceSafe

    LUA, Visual Scripting
    Jira Bug Tracking
    Sony Vegas
    Microsoft Office

  • Highly creative.
    Quick thinking and logical.
    Driven to succeed and inspire others.
    Positive attitude.
    Adapt to different target audiences.

    Adapts quickly to new tools.
    Familiar with Scrum methodology.
    Well Organized.
    Fast prototyping and iterating.
    High quality standards.

    Wide experience designing for different genres:
    First Person Shooter, Action Adventure, Strategy, Stealth, Cooperative, Platforming, Graphic Adventure, Puzzles…
    Work well in international teams.

  • NAME:
    Miguel Navio
    2nd June 1979
    Spanish & English
  • 1998 -2000:
    Bachelor degree in Economics. University Complutense (Madrid). (Not completed)
    1995 -1998:
    High School Diploma I.E.S. Parque de Lisboa. (Alcorcón)
    • Personal Demo Reel

      Personal Demo Reel

      My personal demo reel of 2012, showcasing the more relevant missions and levels I worked on during these last years:

      Commandos Strike Force
      Star Wars Jedi Alliance
      Assassin’s Creed II
      Prince of Persia
      Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
      Assassin’s Creed Revelations
      Assassin’s Creed III
      Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

    • Lightbox Academy Masterclass

      Lightbox Academy MasterClass

      On March 2018 I was invited by Lightbox Academy to give a masterclass about how I got into the video game industry and my experience working in the AAA industry.

      LightBox Academy (Spanish)

    • U-Tad University Talk

      Master Class

      On December 2012 I was invited by the U-Tad university, to give a master class about how I went from making amateur games to breaking into the videogame industry. I also shared some anecdotes and advices with the students.

      IGN Article (Spanish)

    • Ubisoft Recruitment Campaign

      Heroes Wanted

      On 2012 I was invited by Ubisoft to participate in a recruitment video for the company, taking advantage of the release of Assassin’s Creed III.

    • Power Ups Book Collaboration


      “Power Ups: How to Get Into the Videogame Industry”

      I collaborated with many other video game professionals, such as Ralph H. Baer and Hitoshi Sakimoto, on Juan Pablo Ordoñez’s book, writing of my own personal experiences and sharing advice with people interested in getting into the video game industry. The benefits from the book’s sales will go to a charity foundation.

      Amazon (Spain)

    • Interviews


      Interview with “The Vault”

      (February 2014)

      Read the Interview (Spanish)


      Interview with “Tu Lo Juegas”

      (January 2014)

      Read the Interview (Spanish)


      Interview with “El Gremio de las Sombras”

      (December 2013)

      Read the Interview (Spanish)